We’re Jake Knight and Marc Hodulich — both Rising Gen individuals in families of generational wealth. No matter how you found your way here we are excited to connect, share, and get to know you and your story!

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges and complexities associated with both wealth creation and family wealth. We met more than 10 years ago at a Rising Gen event that, while interesting in some regards, was far more focused on selling us advisory services than really developing either of us as individuals and leaders. 

After attending dozens of similar events over the years, it became clear to us that what was missing in the space was a community dedicated to connecting Rising Gens to one another. A tribe of people faced with similar challenges and opportunities, connected by an organization that emphasized the development of each individual by helping them define their purpose and path forward.

With Enclave we are creating just that — a highly curated community of Rising Generation peers dedicated to supporting one another achieve their goals.

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What We Believe

We believe that growth happens when we share and learn from one another and our community is designed to create belonging, connection, and clarity.

Our mission is to build strong connections between likeminded individuals within ultra high net worth families.

At Enclave, we are creating exactly what we need for ourselves — a highly curated community of Rising Generation peers.

Marc Hodulich


Meet Jake Knight

I was born and raised in Phoenix. In 2015, my wife Misty and our 2 children Tailor (18) and Carter (14) moved to Truckee, CA to pursue a slower pace of life. We wanted to raise our kids in the seasons, near water + mountains, and in a place free of the identity and associations of our last name.

Growing up in a successful family is part of my story, but it doesn’t define who I am as an individual. I love the life that I’ve built with Misty. Being a great Dad is my primary goal and motivates me to learn, grow, and be present. Pushing to uncover my true nature has been central to my life and I deeply believe that each individual is far more complex than what can be captured in a title, last name, or bank account. 

I thrive on building deep, meaningful, and authentic relationships and get fulfillment from empowering others to do the same. I believe in being kind, generous, playful, and a student of life. Creating Enclave with Marc is my way to bring together so many things I enjoy in life and I cannot wait to share this experience with others.

Meet Marc Hodulich

I have never done things the conventional way. I was born in Roanoke, VA and came out so fast my parents didn’t have time to get to the hospital. My childhood was happy, active and full of love while growing up in Birmingham, AL. I spent my college years at Auburn University running a few years of track and dreaming of a life in New York City. My early 20s were spent as a management consultant in NYC where I met my wife of now 17 years, Stacey.

Stacey comes from a very loving and successful family. In marrying Stacey, I was now not only a husband but joining a family of significant resources created through a family business taken to public markets. I continued my career in management consulting until eventually becoming an entrepreneur in my late 20s. My journey as a business owner has been anything but linear. I’ve been bought out by a partner, exited to private equity backed strategic partner, and bought a business back from private equity. 

As an entrepreneur, my initial goal was to bring my ideas to life, then later to maximize profits to prove to my father in law I could generate my own wealth. But recently I have realized that fulfillment comes from the pursuit of passion and forging my own path -- not the one I think others want me to take. 

I am currently based in Atlanta, GA with Stacey and my boys Chase (13) and Dylan (11). I identify first as a father and husband and take real pride in the family we have built together. I am only involved in businesses that speak to the way I live and support the type of person I want to be. 

Creating Enclave with Jake is the perfect avenue to pursue my entrepreneurial passions and fill a need in the marketplace and one I desire for myself. Peer to peer connection, with a goal of becoming our best most fulfilled self.

How We're Different

Enclave was founded by Rising Gens for the Rising Gen. We have a different approach and goals than the bootcamps and sponsored events dominating the UHNW space. This is not a conference designed to sell you advisory services.

  • We are independent
  • Our focus is on development of the individual not on the mechanics of wealth 
  • We are committed to creating connection and lasting community 
  • We believe in the power of authentic bonds created through shared experiences 


The Advisory Board will be integral in shaping the future of Enclave. Our advisors will lend their vast experience working with the Rising Gen to ensure that Enclave’s mission, vision, and values are upheld and shared with those who need our services the most.

Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb has been working with multi-generational families since 2012 in the areas of governance, effective communication, philanthropy, and financial and entrepreneurial education. Whitney was previously the Director of Operations at Independent Means, a private firm focused on education for UHNW families where she was the lead facilitator and the director of global programs including Camp Start-Up and Fashion and Finance. She is the founder of Launch Generation which produces experiential programs for teenagers focused on financial literacy, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Kjartan Jansen

As co-founder and CFO of Graddha, Kjartan is committed to normalizing wealth to help rising gens better navigate the complex landscape of their lives. This involves helping people define their values and creating deep alignment with their financial lives and relationships.

Marlis Jansen

Marlis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Graddha, an organization dedicated to promoting human connection, empowerment and creativity by understanding wealth in all its forms.

She is also a certified coach in wealth psychology. She is a sixth-generation member of a family of stewardship. This combination of professional training with lived experience gives her a unique perspective on the nuances and complexities of owning financial wealth.