When was the last time you spoke openly about family wealth?

The complexities of generational wealth can lead to confusion and isolation. Join us in November to connect with a community of peers who share your experience and develop a framework for defining a more intentional path to fulfillment.

Space is extremely limited. Book a Call with our team to learn more and reserve your spot.


Unlock your next step

At an Enclave Gathering, you can expect to:

  • Define a personal value statement to guide future decisions
  • Explore your internal and external clutter (money, identity, relationship, and contribution)
  • Develop a framework and action plan with concrete next steps
  • Join a community committed to exchanging ideas and problem solving together
  • Gain clarity on how to go out into the world to make a positive, lasting impact in a personalized way

Space is extremely limited so connect with us to learn more and reserve your spot


  • Curated Peer Network

    We curate a community of likeminded people who understand the complexities of generational wealth

  • Expert Guidance

    Walk away with practical ideas and resources you can use to be more intentional in defining your next step

  • Open & Candid Discussion

    Discuss your relationship with wealth and feel understood without judgment and under strict confidentiality

  • Insight & Growth

    Learn from top-tier experts that facilitate unique workshops on a range of topics around wealth and its impact on families and individuals

  • Shared Experiences

    Enclave Gatherings are not a boring conference. We get out to explore the nearby area via a program of unique, shared adventures. Expect unique dining, activities, wellness sessions, and more on the program

  • Inspired Setting

    Our gatherings are designed to connect you with not only your peers, but also the natural world surrounding the stunning locations that we choose to get together

The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, Tucson, AZ

Not Another Conference

Meet Your New Network

Enclave Gatherings are not another boring conference. Our founders have been hosting events for decades that feature unique experiences and amazing people.

Expect contrast therapy, sound baths, incredible food, group hikes, and much more.

You'll leave our events with more than practical guidance - you'll also build shared memories with a network of likeminded individuals that are hard to connect with elsewhere.

"I signed up for Enclave because of the emphasis on authentic relationships. The unique position that our wealth puts us in requires a great deal of stewardship. In order to do that well we need deep relationships with people who understand the unique advantages, pitfalls and complexities of our situation. I love that Enclave is focusing on building strong connections with like minded people who have similar experiences and can share insight with each other."

Chris H. - 2023 Gathering Attendee


Example Sessions Nov 7-10, 2023

Group Activities

  • Jeffersonian-style dinner

Finding Your North Star - Personal Value Statements (Bart Foster)

  • Values are often thought of as innate, unchanging priorities that direct your energy, time, and care. But do you know, understand, and integrate your values explicitly? This workshop, designed to unearth and refine your list of personal values into a conclusive statement, will provide you with a critical tool for self-guidance and reflection.

Setting Intentions and The Myth of the Silver Spoon (Kristin Keffeler)

  • Kristin will help us confront the Myth of The Silver Spoon and explore the often-unexamined psychological and emotional clutter that can accumulate for the rising generation, by leading us through a repeatable process to clear that clutter and make space for each of our unique impact. We will address challenges at their root, including raising children of our own, instilling guardrails against entitlement, and overcoming feelings of helplessness. Lastly, we will identify structures for finding and sustaining each of our own vision of a fulfilling, impactful life.

Group Activities

  • Morning workout or yoga
    Night hike under the stars

Finding Your North Star - Zone of Genius (Bart Foster)

  • What are you great at? What do you hate? What do you love? This exercise, designed to analyze your "Zone of Genius" (things that you both enjoy and excel at) will provide you with a better understanding of areas of growth, areas of elimination, and areas of true strength, which can be utilized to better shape your skill trajectory.

Clearing The Clutter (Kristin Keffeler)

  • In this session, we'll explore the 4 types of clutter: money, identity, relationship, and contribution that can lead to wealth creators and inheritors feeling overwhelmed and stuck. These are “the negative narratives and behavioral patterns around money, relationships, self-identity, and contribution to others—that typically accumulate from growing up in an affluent family.” Kristin will help us untangle the confusing narratives and assumptions that surround and constrain those who grow up wealthy and teach us a powerful and repeatable process to clear this clutter, making room for each of our unique ideas and ability to create impact.

Group Activities

  • Wim Hof cold plunge experience
    Sunrise appreciation experience

Finding Your North Star - Discovering Your Path Forward (Bart Foster)

  • When armed with your Personal Values Statement, Zone of Genius, and an integrated philosophy on intention, a clear set of steps, changes, priorities, and shifts can be built to complete your "Make It Happen" approach to life.

Actions, Commitments and Fire Exercise

  • What actions and commitments are you making to yourself and others based on your experiences over the last couple of days?  What is holding you back or something you want to let go of so you can move forward?

Workshop Session Moderators

Kristin Keffeler

Enclave Gatherings feature top experts in the field of generational wealth and its impact on families and individuals. Meet some of the people who will guide you towards new ideas and resources you can use to be more intentional when addressing the opportunities and complexities of wealth.

Kristin Keffeler is a thought leader, speaker, and consultant at the forefront of a global shift in family wealth advising, known as Wealth 3.0. She guides affluent families in embracing the positive power of wealth and doing the “inner work of money.” Kristin is the author of The Myth of the Silver Spoon: Navigating Family Wealth & Creating an Impactful Life, an Amazon bestseller.

“By definition, a rising gen is someone who embraces the psychology of growth, possibility, hope, and continuous learning. It embodies a willingness to persevere and find one's own voice and one's own path. And that, my friend, is you." 

- The Myth of the Silver Spoon

Bart Foster

Bart Foster works as a strategist, advisor and coach to Fortune 500 companies, YPO & EO members, and emerging startups. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 18 years of international sales and marketing experience in the consumer products, technology and healthcare industries. 

Bart is also the founder and CEO of BusinessOutside, a facilitation and training company focused on engaging, inspiring, and empowering individuals and teams to get outside in nature and outside their comfort zones. At Enclave, Bart leads us on sessions to define personal value statements, define what each of us is great at, and building a plan to go forward.

The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, Tucson, AZ

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Frequently asked questions

Our Founders met each other as part of a Next Gen advisory board in 2012.

Over the years they developed a close relationship sharing the challenges, opportunities, and complexities accompanying their family’s wealth.

But neither ever discovered an organized peer group of additional like-minded people in a similar situation. It became clear that they needed to build a peer network for the Next Gen. 

Click here to answer a few brief questions to being your application to join our community.

Enclave is committed to hosting 1-2 gatherings per year and finding ways to connect our peers through continuing events, education, and virtual offerings.

Registration at the first Enclave gathering gives you access to 3 days of scheduled programming, activities, and dining. It does not include airfare to Tucson, transportation to/from the airport, or accommodations at the resort.

Accommodations to the first Enclave gathering are not included in your registration fee. You will book your room directly with the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain. Use our direct booking link for discounted rooms. We welcome you to arrive early and stay late at this spectacular property!

Yes, you are welcome to have whoever you choose share your room with you. However, only registered Enclave members will have access to gathering sessions, activities, and dining.

Yes! You'll have the chance to let us know about any dietary restrictions/preferences and allergies in your detailed pre-adventure intake form

We encourage you to bring your spouse to an Enclave event. To discuss pricing for couples, please set up a quick call with our team.

Book a call with our team any time or email us at info@joinenclave.com.

You will be able to cancel your reservation within 14 days of booking without penalty. Between 14 days from booking and 60 days out from the event, cancellation requests will carry a $995 fee. Within 60 days of the event there are no refunds. Please email us at info@joinenclave.com to cancel your registration and request a refund of your registration fee.


The Setting: The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain is a place where the spirit of adventure comes to life. This luxury Arizona resort is nestled in the high Sonoran Desert against the Tortolita Mountains and features richly appointed accommodations in a striking canyon setting. Guests can enjoy a world class spa, three swimming pools, a 235 foot water slide, Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf, hiking, biking, and geocaching trails, stargazing, and five indoor and outdoor dining options, including the True American Cuisine at CORE Kitchen & Wine Bar.

  • Top-rated dining that reflects the desert surroundings
  • Sprawling swimming pool complex
  • More than 26 miles of hiking trails
  • 27 championship holes at the Golf Club of Dove Mountain
  • Holistic, gemstone-inspired therapies at a luxury spa